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Welcome to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) resource hub


This page has lots of information about Coronavirus (also called COVID-19).

It also has information about support available.

We hope that you find it useful!

We have a page for each topic.

One each page there is a summary of the topic and links to help and information.


A picture of the Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus?

An image of two people behind a shield

What the ‘Lockdown’ Means

The You're Welcome website logo

Activities during Lockdown

Link to ‘You’re Welcome’ website

Image of shopping essentials

Shopping, Deliveries, and Post

Man visiting a GP

Accessing Medical Services

A person thinking

Your Mental Health

A photo of Care Providers

Support for Carers and Families

A woman talking to a man

Virtual Therapies and Counselling

A flashing blue light

Emergency Support and what to do in a Crisis

A photo of a face mask

Personal Protection

Black ribbon for mourning

End-of-Life & Bereavement

A woman raising her hand to ask a question

Anything Else!