Health Films


We work to create films about accessing health services and what to expect.


These provide information for people with lived experience of disability and promote good practice for professionals.



Was Not Brought


A Short film about the difficulties faced by those who need assistance to access Healthcare

Medicine Management


Top Tips:


  • Always take the medication prescribed by your doctor. If you want to make changes always go and see your doctor first.


  • Never share your medication with anyone else.


  • Ask your doctor lots of questions so you know what you should be taking and when to take it.

Mental Health


Mental Health Top Tips:


  • Try and make positive relationships and friendships
  • Do things you enjoy
  • Look after yourself!  Getting enough sleep, exercising and eating well are very important for good mental health.



Diabetes Top Tips:


  • People diagnosed with diabetes should visit the GP often and have blood test every six months.
  • Eat healthy and regularly including five portions of fruit and veg a day.
  • Keep active with a minimum of 30 minutes exercise each day.

Top Tips About Epilepsy:


1, Bring all the information you have about your health and seizures to your appointment.


2, Before you visit us make sure you write down ALL medication you are currently taking.


3, If your seizures have changed, ask someone you are close to, to record it the next time you have one so  that you can bring it and show us.


A film about the hearing department services in hospital

Audiology Top Tips:

  • If you have a hearing aid bring it with you.
  • Before visiting the Audiology (Hearing) Department, visit your GP to check your ears are clear of wax.
  • Bring a list of medication with you.
  • If you feel you are having problems with your hearing write them down before you visit, or get someone else to write them down for you.

The Learning Disability Hospital Liaison Team

A film about learning disability support services in hospital


Hospital Liaison Nurses Top Tips:


  • Let us know you are coming to hospital, so we can support you.
  • Bring with you your Hospital Traffic Light Assessment and a list of any medication you are taking
  • Write down any questions you may have for the nurses, so you don’t forget.

The Emergency Department


Emergency Department Top Tips:


  • Bring Something to read or do with you in case you have a long wait.
  • Let hospital know what medication you are taking, maybe write them down.
  • If you are worried or  anxious please talk to a member of staff.


The Optician

A film about your community optician and how to look after your eyes


Here are some Top Tips from Dave the Optician on looking after your eyes:


  • Don’t forget to bring your glasses with you to your appointment if you wear them.
  • Write down a list of any medications you are on and bring the list with you to your appointment.
  • If you have any concerns about your vision, discuss it with a family member or your carer who is coming with you, this make it clearer on what you might need help with.

The Dentist

A film about your community dentist and how to keep teeth healthy


Here are some Top Tips from Paul the Dentist about keeping teeth healthy:


  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Use a good quality toothpaste
  • Always brush teeth before bed
  • Visit your dentist often to get teeth and gums checked.

Get Checked, Stay Well

A film about annual health checks