Here is a copy of the latest email update for the NHS England Learning Disability and Autism Forum. It tells you about ways you can get involved in their work. They write this update in plain English and include more accessible resources like the easy read newsletter and video blogs.


STOMP resources (Stopping over medication of people)

New resources have come out about how to support #STOMP, including:

• How people can support STOMP

• A new pledge to support STOMP for health care providers

• A new pledge to support STOMP for social care providers

• Information about STOMP including easy read information

• There are resources for staff working to make STOMP happen, including the We Support STOMP network


Here are some more resources:

• The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) has some new resources for families and carers, and an update on children and young people’s work

VODG (Voluntary Organisations Disability Group) social care update.

There are lots more resources on our webpage

Please help spread the word about #STOMP


NHS publishes guidance to help trusts learn from deaths

NHS England has worked with more than 70 families to produce guidance about learning from deaths. The guidance says how NHS trusts should involve families following the death of a loved one who was in a trust’s care.The guidance says that trusts should give information to families about raising concerns and making complaints. The information explains the different ways a death might be looked into further.

The guidance is on the NHS England website. This includes a link to the information for families in different formats, including easy read.


A future with autism

Our colleague David Gill has made a video…When David’s parents were told that he didn’t have a future, they responded by encouraging David to push himself. A diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome meant he  could go to a special school where he did well and learned to be independent – but he always wanted a job. An opening at NHS England for people with lived experience of autism meant that David could achieve his goal and also inspire others that there is, after all, a future with autism.Watch this video to see David’s story in his own words and drawings.


Disability Matters launches ‘I Can We Can’ staff resource and e-learning

There is a new free online resource and e-learning for staff at further education colleges, the NHS and others. It is about creating supported internships, apprenticeships and lasting employment opportunities for disabled young people. Staff can go to the resources and e-learning at the RCPCH website.

NHS England grants to show how involving people has made a difference

Voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations can apply for a grant to show how involving people has helped improve health services.The grants are for up to £2500. They are for creative ways to share how the work was done and the difference it made. This is to inspire others and to share successes.

There are full details and how to apply on the NHS England website.The deadline for applications is midnight on Thursday 20 September 2018.


Evidence based interventions consultation (interventions mean kinds of treatment)

The NHS wants to make sure people are treated in the ways that work best. It has made a list of interventions that it thinks do not always work. It wants to find out more about these interventions. This will help decide which it should keep using and which it should stop using.The NHS hopes that making these changes will avoid harm to patients, give staff more time for other work, and save money that can be spent better.

There is a web page about the consultation. You can have your say there.

And there is an easy read version of the consultation. You can fill this in on the computer or you can print it and fill it in.The information about the consultation is quite long. There will also be two events for people with a learning disability and others to have their say. There will be more support at these events to understand the information.

• There will be an event in Leeds on Wednesday 22 August 12.00pm to 2.00pm

• There will be an event in London on Thursday 23 August 10.00am to 12.00pm

If you want to attend one of the events please email 

This consultation was launched on 4 July and finishes on 28 September 2018.


Learning disability and autism leaders

The learning disability and autism leaders’ list 2018 is the UK’s first list of people with #learningdisability and #autism who help make things better for themselves and others. Could you be one of them?They are looking for a collection of stories from people with a learning disability, autism or both who make a difference and get involved:

• in their local community

• at a national level

• in sports, art or entertainment

• in jobs and education.

You can nominate yourself, or someone you know, until 27 August.

The leaders list is run by Dimensions with the Guardian newspaper, self-advocacy group Learning Disability England and the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group.


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