We’ve been working on an exciting project in conjunction with Gloucestershire County Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group, travelling around the six districts and talking to people about their experiences with services for Learning Disabilities and/or Autism in the county. #YourVoiceMatters is a fantastic opportunity for local people to tell the council what they like about the services they receive, what they want but aren’t getting, and what they would like to see in the future. The learning from this project will help to inform council commissioning over the next three years, so it’s an amazing chance to make a difference to the health, housing and social care people receive.


So far we’ve run more than twenty workshops and focus groups across the county and have our final few over the next two weeks. People have spoken to us about difficulties in education, practical barriers to employment like transport, and the wonderful support they receive from the Community Learning Disability Team and Disability Liaison Nurses. Our next steps are to write up everything we’ve been told, and submit it to the council in a report with suggestions for future actions. We’re aiming to have this done at the start of the new year.


If you’d like to contribute your thoughts about the services in the county, the survey is still live on the website www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/yourvoicematters and we’re on the road until the 10th October. We’d love to hear from you, so come and find us.


#YourVoiceMatters because you are the expert on you.