Remote Support for Members

We are connecting with all existing and new followers on social media, sharing information, signposting to specific support, and sharing fun things that we can do to keep us busy, or just help us cope in the current situation:


We are providing remote support and contact to our members who would normally come to the Hubs, MHELO, BME Friendship Hub, drama group, or who are part of our wider networks. We are doing this through:

  • Regular phone calls to check in, have a chat, provide advice, and share updates or information;
  • WhatsApp messages to some members who prefer this method of communication;
  • Activities that can be done at home such as games, quizzes, guided meditation;
  • For those with IT, we are exploring options to connect online through small video chats, online forums etc.

GEM – we are still offering 1-to-1 employment support, with all our participants. Contact is currently via phone or email. We are open to referrals – please contact our Navigator Developer, Emily Ashman.

If you have a disability or mental health condition and would like any of the support above, but are not currently a member, we are taking new members on. Membership and all of the services above are free.

You can sign up to become a member and request a service here, or phone 01452 234003.

Please note that there may be a waiting list for new members to access services, depending on demand but you will get an initial contact from a member of our team within 5 working days of your request.