On December 13th Inclusion Gloucestershire held a launch event titled ‘This is IG’. This event took place at Gloucestershire Constabulary Police Headquarters. The purpose behind the event was to fully promote our projects and everything that we do or are involved with to anyone who would listen!

So we could make sure people had a choice of times, we split the day into two and held a morning and an afternoon session.

The sessions started off by Roger Clayton, our CEO and Vicci Livingstone-Thompson our deputy CEO talking about who Inclusion Gloucestershire are, how we came about and what our vision and mission was. They also gave a little sneak peak into what we plan on doing in the future.

Then the show really began..

Dramatic Change, our inclusive theatre production company treated the audience to a taster of their forum theatre package they will be offering in 2018. The production demonstrated how performance can get difficult messages and themes across.

Next up was a talking presentation by people who take part in and volunteer at our Inclusion Hubs. Here Becky, Gemma, Jamie, Brooke and Laura spoke to Janet and the audience about why they enjoy the hubs and what goes on there.

After that we heard from Quality Checking. The majority of the team gathered around to talk about the 3 areas of quality that they check which included physical disability, learning disability and the new project checking mental health quality of services and support. The Experts by Experience spoke about how their role is key and how they work with the quality checking coordinators to deliver a successful model.

Sighs of relief were heard as there was an announcement for a comfort and refreshment break. Hooray.

After this the audience reconvened and were treated to a short video. This video introduced the Access to Health project that Inclusion Gloucestershire work with NHS England looking at their right care pathways. Here Expert by Experience Nick Baker explained all about Access to Health.

Last but certainly not least was Denise. As a member of the MHELO (Mental Health Experience Led Opportunities) network Denise spoke to the audience about how MHELO formed and how they play a key role in peer support across the county.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come along and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!