This comes in response to self-advocacy organisation My Life My Choice deciding to withdraw from Care and Treatment Reviews. Read their statement here:


Our statement

We hear and understand My Life My Choice’s position. Currently we plan to remain involved in Care and Treatment Reviews because our experience has been that the presence of a self-advocacy representative with lived experience on the panel makes CTRs more effective than without. We are able to ask questions and constructively challenge decisions or assumptions, in a way that may not otherwise happen. However we share concerns that the number of people in hospitals are increasing and there are still examples of people receiving poor quality care and support. In this sense, CTRs are not achieving what they set out to, and we believe that the wider Transforming Care programme requires significant change, improvement, and accountability. We are currently undertaking work with NHS England to independently evaluate the effectiveness of various advocacy options for people with a learning disability or who are autistic, in secure units. We will continue to evaluate whether our own involvement in the CTR programme is contributing to positive change, and are doing so with our colleagues with lived experience of autism or a learning disability.

An Easy Read version of the above can be downloaded below.  

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